Rememberance Poem  
Ode to Glen
Rememberance Poem



by Jack Carpenter©2008

‘Twas this fabulous fella,

Charismatic, never shy.

In so many ways,

A most special guy.

In Company 14


On Severn’s south shore

Near Chesapeake Bay.

A bulkhead we shared,

He, Trigger, and BO,

With Dinty and me

And Admiral Chabot.

So athletically gifted.

Pugilism his game,

Many matches he won

And titles did claim.

He made a commitment

In second class year,

He had someone special

‘Twas indelibly clear.

This lovely lass Carol

Was much part of his life

And post graduation,

Became his dear wife.

With Boat School behind us,

We did diverse things.

Some went to ships.

He earned Navy Wings.

And through we moved on,

And went separate ways

We’d never forget

Those halcyon days.

The memories we have

The friendships we made,

Will live in our hearts

‘Til our last "Taps" been played.

As sadly has his,

This man among men,

Loving husband and father

Our dear classmate GLEN


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